Exchange Rate

We calculate the USD (US Dollar) amount based on the exchange rate on the date of negotiations, originating in JPY (Japanese Yen).

If the exchange rate differs by 2 JPY (Japanese Yen) or more from the date of negotiations, the amount will be recalculated.

Finalization of Purchase

We will send you a contract by email or other means. The contract is finalized when we receive the document with your signature, address, and contact information.

Purchase Procedure


Please contact us by e-mail or other means via the inventory list on our website.

Sharing Information & Export Possibility Check

We will inquire about your location and send you a quote, photos, videos, and other information while also investigating if the vehicle can be exported to your home country.

Purchase Decision

If you are satisfied with the vehicle and the quote, please contact us to express your intent to purchase.

Sending Contract Documents

We will issue a contract based on the quote and send it to you via email.

Concluding the Contract

Please print out the contract, sign it, fill in your address, contact information, and other details, and return it to us as a photo or PDF.


Please transfer the total price as indicated by the contract to the bank account stipulated by us.

Export Arrangements & Schedule Confirmation

Storage until desired delivery as indicated by the contract
We will contact you as soon as the date and time of departure and arrival are confirmed, including vessel reservations and the issuing of an invoice.
Long-term storage for legal reasons in the destination country is also available for a monthly fee of JPY 50,000.


The vehicle will be transported by land to the port according to the departure schedule and then placed on the vessel for departure. The vehicle will be delivered to the port of arrival, and we ask the customer to complete the customs clearance procedures for receiving the vehicle.