Currency Exchange

How can I buy using US dollars?

Payment is performed via bank transfer.

How do I confirm my purchase is approved after payment?

After confirming payment, we will send you a payment receipt.

Can I see the vehicle in Japan?

Yes. Vehicles are displayed at our location in Japan.

 I would like to change the destination for the vehicle.

We will need to confirm the new destination and provide a new quote for transportation costs.

How are the vehicles stored?

Vehicles are stored in an indoor garage, completely out of the rain and wind. If you desire long-term storage due to the circumstances of the export process, this can be arranged for 70,000 yen per month.

Can I request photos or video of particular areas of interest or concern?

Yes, such requests are possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns about areas other than those shown in the available photos.